Upper Lip + Chin - $20 (Save $3)

"Extremely happy with the service and the cheerful staff"

"If there is something that TTC stand out, it's their super personal service that makes every threading session worth every minute. I got my eyebrows done just once and have not gone back to waxing them every since. Must try their other services too. You'll love the staff here. xoxo" - Natalie Jenson

"Sweet Pain of nature:0"

"It was a refreshing change, although I wasnt too aware of it. Thank you TTC for making my first experience a beautiful one. Will surely come back for more. Lovely deals ;)"Valerie Portar

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Threading. Its safe. its quick. its natural



In today's world of beauty products and cosmetics, comes an age old Asian indulgence, that's not just chemical free and natural, but instant and effective too. Welcome to 'The Threading Company". A one of its kind of salon that does Threading; an effective, chemical-void solution to get rid of unwanted facial hair and from intimate areas, that often mask your true beauty. The process takes not more than 15 minutes and gives you instant results. Without the sting of wax strips that often lead to skin darkening, allergies and other notorious after effects.  

Chin + Up.Lip + Eyebrow  - $35 (Save $4)

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Upper Lip + Eyebrow - $25 (Save $2)

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